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With millions of websites on the internet fighting for visibility and attention from potential clients, it is important for website owners in Kenya to do what they can to improve their competitive edge. According to studies, most potential clients access websites through popular search engines such as Google. Few people go past the first page of search engine results pages, and even fewer people go past the third page. This means that a website on page 50 of a major search engine for any particular keyword is getting very little visibility and accessibility.

Even on the first page of major search engines, most people click on the first four results. They only proceed to open the remaining results if they did not find the answers they needed from the first few links. This means those websites that want to compete have to battle it out for first place on search engine results pages. This is where search engine optimization comes in.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization involves on-site and off-site strategies and techniques that help a website improve its organic ranking in major search engines. Nabaleka SEO experts in Kenya, use these strategies to modify your website and its content to better reflect what major search engines are looking for. By making the website more search engine friendly,Nabaleka Digital Solutions can ensure your website ranks  highly for the relevant keywords.

Why is SEO necessary?

While search engines are very smart, they cannot do everything on their own. Search engine spiders crawl the pages of websites looking for information to help them index the site appropriately. They only use the information they can see and access. Search Engine Optimization in Kenya is necessary because it helps the crawlers to find the information they need to properly rank your website for a particular keyword.

To improve a website’s ranking, Our SEO expert must be familiar with the website configurations as well as the client’s particular industry. This allows us to evaluate the competitiveness of the client’s industry and to customize our services to ensure the client’s website ranks highly for a particular keyword.

Why hire Nabaleka Digital Solutions for SEO Services?

While a website owner may be tempted to optimize his website on his own, it is always better to hire a search engine optimization expert in Kenya. We are best Search Engine Optimization in Kenya experts who have the experience to bring your website to that first position on Search Engines. The following are some of the reasons why it is much better to hire Nabaleka SEO Professionals to optimize your website:

  • The world of SEO is very complex. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the basics. One wrong move could bury your website, making it difficult for potential visitors to access it.
  • Search engine optimization in Kenya is now becoming a very dynamic industry. There are new techniques and strategies coming out every few months. Nabaleka SEO experts dedicate their time to staying up to date on these changes in order to ensure our clients’ websites remain at the top.
  • To us, Search engine optimization in Kenya is a full-time job. It may take months for a website to get to the top of the rankings. Even then, a constant and consistent effort is needed to keep the website at the top. Most website owners do not have the time to dedicate to SEO in Kenya.
  • Hiring someone frees you from a headache and work involved in optimizing your website so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Our Search engine optimization services in Kenya

Nabaleka’s Search engine optimization in Kenya services are often tailored to meet a specific website’s needs, and may include one or more of the following:

Consultation and website analysis

You, a website owner can ask our team of SEO experts to analyze your website to determine if there is anything that needs improvement. The initial analysis will identify any problems that may impact your site’s ranking.

Competitor analysis

In very competitive industries, Our SEO Experts may analyze the key competitors and the SEO strategies in Kenya they use in order to define a strategy that can help your website gain a competitive advantage.

Keyword research and analysis

This involves researching keywords and keyword phrases that your potential clients key in when searching for the products and services your website. The analysis also identifies keywords that can help increase your website’s rankings on major search engines. This service includes research and analysis for primary keywords, secondary keywords, keyword grouping and keyword competition.

Website analysis

This helps the website owner understand how search engines view his website so that he can modify the code to make it more search engine friendly. Website analysis involves a review of HTML code and structure, an analysis of the web design, internal links and website navigation, and an analysis of any available content management systems.

Content creation

In search engine optimization land, content is king. Search engines rank websites that have informative content and penalize websites that have thin and irrelevant content. However, content is not just important to the search engine. High-quality content captures the attention of your site’s visitors and keeps them coming in future. It also helps to increase conversions and sales. Some of the content creation services that Nabaleka SEO experts in Kenya provide include:

  1. – Article writing
  2. – Press releases
  3. – Blogs
  4. – Web content

Link development

Search engines also consider the authority of a website when indexing and ranking it. This is based on links from other authoritative websites in its industry. A website that has many links from authoritative sites is considered relevant and credible. This increases its standing in major search engines. Our SEO experts in Kenya can use whitehat SEO techniques to help a website get as many links as possible from credible and authoritative websites.

Local search optimization in Kenya

This involves optimizing the website for particular geographic locations, in this case, Kenya. It is ideal for website owners who operate their business locally. It ensures that when a person searches for a local business, they can get information on the particular website, as well as contact information and location.

Mobile optimization

As more and more people access websites through their mobile devices, it is important for website owners to make their sites more responsive so that they can be easily accessible to mobile users. Mobile optimization makes websites more mobile-friendly, increasing the chances that they will be viewed by people on mobile devices.

Penalty recovery

A website may be penalized for violating the terms of a major search engine or for using blackhat SEO techniques. Nabaleka SEO experts can analyze the website to determine which penalty it was slapped with in order to come up with a strategy to correct any issues. Penalty recovery can take months, but  Nabaleka SEO experts can help to correct all the mistakes that were made and ensure that the site ranks highly again.

Search Engine Optimization in Kenya Conclusion

Search engine optimization in Kenya is invaluable for any company that is serious about doing business online. Working with Our SEO experts in Kenya is extremely beneficial, as we will come up with strategies that will help your business rank highly in organic search results. We will also create a long-term SEO plan that helps your website compete and remain at the top of search engines results pages for as long as possible.

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