Nabaleka’s Platinum website care plan is designed for those serious about making a return on their investment. We help you to establish your online presence while increasing your profits. This is a package designed at aiming us to help you generate more money online.

What is included?

The Platinum website care plan consists of the following:

  • Daily backups, using the same servers as the people who created WordPress.
  • WordPress updates.
  • Plugin updates.
  • Genesis framework updates (if running Genesis).
  • Any update issues resolved.
  • 1 hour of tech support per month.
  • Website speed improvements.
  • Website security improvements.
  • 4 monthly online marketing reports.
  • A monthly session aimed at helping you to improve your online marketing.


This plan is designed to help you with your online marketing, and in turn increase your profits. We do this by providing you with 4 monthly reports that cover various marketing statistics about your business, as well as highlight any areas that need improvements.

General Website and Marketing Report

This report contains the following information:

  • An overview of you/the client’s website’s health.
  • A summary from Google analytics (containing items such as top traffic, top referrals, top landing pages, top social network referrals).
  • Information on where you/the client rank in Google plus what keyword people are using to find you/the client.
  • Competitor analysis.

Social Activity Report

This report focuses on the clients social media and social reach. This report contains the following information, including various graphs for easy reading:

  • Social network referrals.
  • Tweet timeline details all tweets made.
  • Twitter mention timeline.
  •  Traffic to site from Twitter.
  • Number of people talking about the clients Facebook page.
  • Facebook page view details.
  • Number of Facebook user reached (graph).
  • A Facebook page ‘like’ report (including what country and city the user is from if available).
  • Referrals from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Daily YouTube views.
  • YouTube subscribers.
  • Other social metrics.

SEO Report

This report is designed to help inform the client of where their site stands in terms of SEO, and how to improve it. This report contains the following information/graphs:

  • All traffic to the website, including data such as landing pages, session length, page views, bounce rate, average time on page etc.
  • Info on what search engines are driving the most traffic to the clients site.
  • Progress on any Google Analytics goals.
  • Search rank position over time.
  • What keywords people are using to find your/the client’s website.
  • Bing rankings, as well as Google rankings.
  • Backlink report.
  • All SEO issues highlighted and suggestions on how to improve SEO.

Website Audit Report

This report is simply designed to highlight any issues with the clients website, and also provides suggestions on how to fix these issues. This report, like the others, contains easy to read graphs.

Marketing Session

Once a month, we will have a meeting and discuss some key areas of your online marketing highlighted from the reports, whether that is related to your website health, SEO, social media strategy or any other area of your online marketing. We will then decide on a plan of action on how things can be improved on an on-going basis.