Hosted Blogs vs Self-Hosted Blogs

blog hosting vs self hosting

The difference between hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs is very simple, I am going to share with you in the following article. To begin with, I am an active member of several blogging forums online such as the Webmaster Forum and I would recommend any blogger new or seasoned blogger to join forums since they are a great source of information. In these forums, you will get to interact with other bloggers new or experienced through such online forums.

I’ve decided to put down this short post about hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs in order to make it clear and help new or experienced bloggers to make an informed choice on the best blogging for them.

What is Blog Hosting?

Blog Hosting, is one type of web hosting, basically the place where you serve your blog from. This is where the files of your blog reside on the internet. So where is the difference between hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs? In the simplest term possible the difference is that one is free and the other one you pay for blog hosting.

Hosted Blogs and Self-Hosted Blogs

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Hosted Blogs (Free Blog Hosting) These fall under are the blog hosting plans where the owners of the accounts allow you to use their already designed platforms for your blog(s). They have their own servers and develop a blogging software and allow you to use it. Most of the hosted blog hosting plans are free, however, you must adhere to their rules as discussed below. Examples of hosted blog hosting platforms include but not limited to; Tumblr, Blogger,, TypePad and many others.

Qualities of Hosted Blog Hosting Platform

  • Hosted blogs are free to get and operate one. – You have to use an extension of their software in your URL, for example,,,
  • There are already developed themes for you – some do not allow you to advertize.
  • If you violate their terms and conditions they kick you out.

These blog hosting services are great especially if you do not have money and you want to test the blogging waters. However, if you are like many looking for a blogging experience where you can earn from your blogs then you have to buy your hosting hence the term Self Hosted.

Self-Hosted Blogs

A self-hosted blog hosting account is one where you purchase a space on someone server, if you have your own server then what you do is download a blogging software (WordPress is the Best), install it on your server and you are self-hosted. You can also make your own blogging software and do anything possible on your server.

Qualities of Self Hosted Blog Hosting Accounts

  • You pay for this service
  • You own the account and therefore you don’t play by anyone rule
  • The options for monetization are endless
  • It is flexible you can use it for whatever reasons you want

To get a self-hosted blog hosting account you have to buy the hosting the best cheapest ones go for $4 per month with add-ons on it, you can find good hosting accounts with these companies; I hope you now see the difference between hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs.

Best Hosting Companies

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There are two companies that are the favorite for bloggers world all over, they have shared hosting plans which are ok for bloggers. There two are:

  1. Hostgator and
  2. BlueHost


However, I do recommend you to use Bluehost if you are planning on installing WordPress as your blogging software. This is because Bluehost have a dedicated WordPress hosting plan that is meant specifically for WordPress blogging software.

Final Thoughts on Hosted Blogs Vs Self-Hosted Blogs:

Choosing between hosted blogs and self-hosted blogs will determine the success of your blogging experience, it all depends on your plans and goals, what you want to achieve with your blog. So before you start blogging I suggest you rethink on what you want your blog to be and then make the decision to get blog hosting.

We at Nabaleka do advise on the best hosting platform that is best to fit your needs, If you are not sure kindly comment below or contact us so we can get in touch with you and help you set up your blog or website.

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