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– George R. R. Martin.

Nabaleka blog is where we tell stories, we tell you our experiences in our digital work, we share with you latest industry trends and news. Nabaleka Blog is our tool where we enlingted the public about Nabaleka’s Work and how the Internet Works.


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Hello, I am the guy Ammanulah Emmanuel, I am a Tech Junkie and love computers. Poetry is my second Language so if you get lost along the way just contact me for Clarifications.


Paypal Kenya: How to Create a Paypal Account

PayPal has brought ease and safety to the world of online shopping. PayPal is nowadays a universal method used for online payments and, fortunately, it is no longer necessary to have a credit card to operate a PayPal account. It is the easiest and safest way to make transactions because it allows payments without exposing…


Starting a blog in Kenya

At Nabaleka Digital Solutions, we build blogs and configure them to your needs, that is what we do besides blogging. But what if you are the kind of person who wants to be in control of his game but do not know how to the IT stuff, then I have made this blog for you.…


Social Media Marketing in Kenya

Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa with the majority of its citizen on Social Media, therefore it only makes sense for your company to start utilizing social media and replace traditional marketing with social media marketing in Kenya. Best networks for Social Media Marketing in Kenya: Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Snapchat In…


How to Make Money Online in Kenya

There are many people searching on how to make money online in Kenya so want in this article to lay out some methods other Kenyans are making a living online. These are legitimate methods on how to make money online in Kenya. Sit back and learn. How to make money online in Kenya Freelancing Creating…


Starting an Online Business in Kenya

It is so clear now that online businesses are the future for retail, events, tourism and let’s just say every business on land has a future online. With the advancement in technology the laying down of fiber optic cable across the land, the cost of starting an online business are becoming cheaper and cheaper every…