The Ultimate Guide to Best SEO for WordPress

WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world, according to,

“over 60 million people in the world use WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home”,

Let me start by saying that I love WordPress; ever since I moved from Blogger Platform to this platform I came to realize that I had missed a lot in the blogging industry.

Away from the praises and much talk about WordPress since most of you are already using it, if you are not already on WordPress then you should Contact Us and we will discuss on how to set up WordPress for you. So what do you need to make your WordPress site SEO friendly and a star in the search engine world?

Do you want that traffic badly? I want it to and am glad to say I am getting some, we all want that don’t we? Well, it starts with a few tweaks here and there and that is what we shall be looking at making WordPress SEO friendly.

I will discuss what you need to make your WordPress site SEO friendly and a star in the search engine world? Do you want that traffic badly? I want it too and am glad to say I am getting some. Well, it starts with a few tweaks here and there and that is what we shall be looking at making WordPress SEO friendly.

So what is this all about SEO friendly and what is an SEO friendly Blog or Website? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; these are the efforts we are going to make on our site to make it rank better on Google, Bing, Ask, yahoo search and any other search engine out there. SEO is a broad concept out there, but I will try to stick within the confines of this article and show you the essentials of making your WordPress site SEO friendly by just doing On-Page SEO.

WordPress SEO Tutorial

This WordPress Tutorial will show you how to make your WordPress site SEO Friendly. A good SEO friendly or call it friendly site has the following properties:

Site Speed

Has a faster page loading speed; this kind of site loads fast with even the lowest internet speed, is crawled easily by search engines. Site Speed is one of the ranking factors Google looks at.

Optimized title tags, header tags, and Meta description:

These are the base of SEO, there will be no discussion about SEO without mentioning titles and Meta description. A good site has a clear set of meta descriptions and each page has its own defined title tags, header tags, and specific meta descriptions.

Mobile Optimized

It will not be fair to your readers if your site is not mobile friendly because you will be locking out those on mobile phones. Recently Google released an Algorithm update and it is popularly known as “mobilegeddon”, the update aims to promote a mobile-friendly website and penalize the sites that are not optimized for mobile.

I once carried out an experiment and used Google Analytics to see how users were using my site, I was surprised that most of them use mobile phones to visit my site. Search engines have now been optimized and updated their algorithm to include a check for mobile friendliness and will rank mobile-optimized sites above those that are not.

Quality Content

The phrase “Content is King” always works for me, and inspires me to produce better content, I think that should always be what you should strive for; producing content for your readers. One thing to keep in mind is that search engines do not read your content, but humans do so when you are busy making your posts tailor them to your readers, not search engines.

Making Your Site SEO Friendly

So to make WordPress have all the above we need:

1. Good Hosting – There are lots of hosting companies out there to build a home for your blog, don’t use the free hosting services out there, This post outlines the top two good web hosting companies to host your site you should consider.

2. Good Theme – A good theme will give your site the best look out there attracting readers to your site, when choosing a theme make sure it is mobile friendly or as the experts call it to make sure your theme is responsive (it fits to any device size be it desktop, tablet, smartphone or the old phones).

Nothing comes closer or ever beats Genesis Framework and its child themes by StudioPress, by using Genesis your site will be faster and SEO optimized out of the Box. I have used Genesis before and on our client’s blogs and the results are amazing. They have many child themes designed by them and third-party developers.

3. Plugins – Plugins make WordPress complete in fact without plugins WordPress would be just another blogging platform out there. So the following Plugins will help make your site SEO friendly, I use them too here on Nabaleka’s Website and other sites out there.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is not just another WordPress plugin but a super plugin, it is more advanced and best of it all it is free, with this plugin you can completely optimize your site making it ready to compete with the big names out there on the search engines. I consider this one a multi-purpose plugin since it combines many SEO functions and does them with perfection.
  • W3 Total Cache – an SEO friendly site needs to have fast page loading speed as I have indicated above; this plugin will make sure that what if you combine this plugin with Genesis and the results will be amazing.
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin – with this plugin your site will automatically fit any screen size, it has nice themes that are made for the mobile users, now you can reach your fans/readers who love to surf the net using their mobile phones. If your theme is responsive already you might skip this plugin.

4. Content – I will mention it again, “Content is King”, after setting up your site in the proper way by following the mentioned ways above, now it is your turn to deliver quality readable content. Avoid spelling mistakes, use paragraphs with heading tags inside your post and make yours unique.

These are the basic tweaks you can make to your out of the box WordPress installation to make it welcome and on the same scale to compete with the others in the market. An SEO friendly site with a good hosting, nice responsive and optimized theme plus the help of few essential plugins will get you there; at the top of the Search engines table.

Finally, I recommend you make good use of Google to get to know more about all I have motioned above, getting the theme and plugins are one thing but configuring them to their best is another. I am available for configurations if you are unable to set the plugins and theme for your installation Contact Us and let us make your site SEO friendly.

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